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Sally Fretwell is a Interior Decorator in The Villages, Florida. Her 35 years of experience as a colorist and interior decorator can certainly help you with your decisions. Sally developed her own special “Coastal Colors” for The Villages, Florida which you can see on this web site.  Interior decorating and color consulting in The Villages, as with all of the surrounding communities, requires a special attention to detail and decor not just paint colors.  Let Sally help you select colors, furniture, and items that will bring the light in and enhance your space and outdoor living areas.  Her Feng Shui Home net site will give you some ideas on decor and interior decorating.  Furthermore, she can make your home or office space come alive with extraordinary colors  and decor design in The Villages, Florida.

Sally Fretwell Dunedin

A Touch” of Sally

Sally Fretwell is an internationally recognized architectural psychologist, color/design consultant, teacher and author. She has assisted a myriad of clients from homeowners to hospitals to create extraordinary places all over the United States and Europe. Author of 7 books, teacher/lecturer for interior designers, decorators and architects, Sally is a premier colorist.  Additionally she has developed over 300 different paint formulas and her own private label paint line.  Sally Fretwell is ready for any type of interior decorating in The Villages, Florida. Her professional books on color and interior decorating such as  Feng Shui Back to Balance was on Amazon’s “Best Seller” list for over 3 years.

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Residential and Commercial Interior Decorator

Whether you own a residence, an office, a restaurant, or commercial space of any kind, Sally’s interior decorating and color consulting  in The Villages will brighten and liven up your space.  She also specializes in children’s spaces in The Villages.   Particular attention is paid towards relaxation and calmness.  Interior Decorating and color pallet work is Sally’s specialty.  Just take a look at some of her reviews and testimonials under “SERVICES”  on the menu above.  Sally was one of the first people to recognize the value of “NO-VOC” paints over 20 years ago. Most of her clients prefer it especially those with allergies.  Although she no longer owns her paint stores in the metropolitan areas of Washington D.C, Virginia, and Maryland her interior decorating in The Villages, Florida is just a phone call away.

Sally Fretwell’s Works

Sally has always been inspired by Color in Nature and bringing that color into your living space.  That very problem has prompted her to write 4 professional books on space and color.  She often takes her cameras and special lenses to capture the very pictures you will be viewing in all of her books.  All of the illustrations have been by her hand.  Her children’s books on nature, birds, butterflies, and flowers were inspired by her own backyard efforts to provide them with eco-systems. Sally’s interior decorating in The Villages and color consulting often allows her the opportunity to incorporate new ideas and flavors of the town.

Here are a few of Sally Fretwell’s Books.. New one on the way!

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