Interior Decor Consultation

Residential Consultations

Interior Decor Consultation for homes may be scheduled through this web site by providing the information on the “Contact Sally” page.  Sally greatly appreciates your taking the time to review all of the items found on this site. This will give you a better understanding of the scope of Sally Fretwell’s practice.

Through her work with homeowners and designers, Sally has developed the tools for her many of her retailers to consult with clients on the development of their individualized color palettes.

Commercial Consultations

Whether it is the orientation of work space, the understanding of architectural features impact on the individual or the influence of color tone on worker mood, performance and creativity.  Sally is available for consultation to not only optimize square footage usage but to optimize spatial planning.  Her efforts are to optimize occupational output. If you perceive your work force is under performing, and you cannot understand why. If you are creating a new space and desire optimum performance, let Sally work with you.   She will show you that color, space and, lighting can be major contributors to worker productivity.

What influences us from retail and office interiors to hospitals and clinics? Sally’s “No-VOC” paints provide the excellent coverage admired by painters, while being safe and beneficial to the health of the public. Matched with Sally’s insights on colors and personalities, her ability to produce healthy interiors that maximize the purpose of the space is a winning combination. Interior Decor Consultation for:


Investment Offices, School Boards, Business groups,

Doctors and Therapists Offices, Waiting Rooms,

Restaurants, Builders’ Projects,

Psychology Clinics, Spa and Healing Areas,

Acupuncture Clinics,


University Dormitories,

Law Firms, Home Offices,

Children’s Rooms

School and environments for Children with Special Needs,

Creative Balance in Hospital and Doctor’s Offices and Waiting Rooms.

Nation Wide Consultations and International

Sally is also available for home consultation for those who desire her unique personal consultation expertise. Sally can advise you not only on color but is also recognized for her expertise with space and lighting.

Her rate packages are available at Sally’s Services page or just click here “Services“.

Please contact Sally directly at or the “Contact Sally” link at the top of this page for all consultation questions or requests.

From books to magazines – Sally has shared her thoughts and insights with readers on topics from the psychology of architecture to color theory and space design.

Power of Color - Interior Decor

Sally can help you with any project!