With nearly 35 years of practicing Feng Shui in her life and businesses, Sally wrote this Amazon “Best Seller” nearly 20 years ago and it remained on the this list for 3 years.  Nothing has changed but the values of this ancient philosophy have been “watered down” and horribly misinterpreted by many who profess to use the terms.  Enjoy the essence of Sally’s practice through her books.

“Feng Shui” became a buzzword in the mid eighties.  It became a fad that was supposed to be an enlightened approach to being one with our living environment.

I wrote this book about Feng Shui because in essence, Feng Shui is not the superstitious rules, rules, and more rules philosophy that many people think it is.

Feng Shui is common sense.  The ancient philosophers used it to site their castles so that they were protected from their enemies and so they could have clear vision and be in command of the land.

So when used practically in our culture, it is using nature’s gifts such as sunlight to support our over all well-being.

My book is filled with stories of how the philosophy is beneficial in our world and it debunks the craziness of some interpretations that are out there in print.

It is purely seeing and taking advantage of good flow and how you site, build, use color, install driveways, lighting, where you put a pool or design a home or commercial space.

Example:  If you design a home that has a kitchen in the east, you will have early morning sun in a room that is beneficial to energizing a space where you start your day.  Being aware of “Energetics” and what supports you, allows you to take advantage of “Feng Shui”.

Consultations: “Feng Shui” and “9 Star Ki”

If you are looking to schedule a Feng Shui consultation please email at sally@sallyfretwell.com or just use the “Contact Sally “ heading at the top of this page.   I often “SKYPE” or “Facetime” clients when travel does not permit so we can review and evaluate your home or business issues online or by phone.

“Nine Star Ki” is a system that evaluates personality types.  I find it to be a most accurate system to enhance and support an individual, couple, or family.  It explains why we are naturally in sync with some friends or family members and totally not with others.  I can combine this information in your consultation as well as look at the relationships with loved ones or co-workers to help bring clarity and understanding you did not have before.

When looking at the floor plan, I evaluate flow from room to room layout of rooms and what is needed to enhance your over all well being.  Often my clients know what they do not like about their space but can not put their finger on it.  I look at wall color, trim, room layout, window placement, the land, and natural lighting as well as electric lighting.

How easy is the home to find? What is the location?
What is the direction the home faces and what are your major living spaces?
How much light enters into the home and how can we use things like color to draw natural light into the space.

How well do you sleep?  Where is your bedroom in the home?  Where are the bathrooms?  What are the things you like and do not like?  How is the storage and clutter?  These are just some of the very big things we absorb on a daily basis.
Feel free to call or email me.

Coming Home

What makes you tick? Do you know? Do you know what gives you energy, what matters most to you, and what drains you?

Don’t you love to feel that wonderful sense of freshness and free-flowing charge that says, “I’m on the top of the world!”

Yet, if you’re like most people you’d probably say life feels more like a Ferris wheel – you’re only on top sometimes.

We all try to do things that support our well being: we eat right, exercise, surround ourselves with uplifting people, seek inner peace, and embrace a sense of purpose. Yet how often do you feel conflicted – as if there were a struggle between your inner self and your outer persona?

My approach to Feng Shui teaches people how to address many of these perennial questions.  I can help you identify aspects of your life that can provide great support and help reveal areas you might never have imagined as possible drains on your energy.

My practice is based on the 5-Star Key Chinese Elements, a system that connects ancient wisdom of human health, personality types, and environmental factors all within an understanding of modern life. My goal is to teach people why some situations, environments, and people jive with our own energy and why others take work and greater understanding in order to co-exist.

Why do so people prefer sunny, dry vacation spots, while others long for the fog and mist of the British Isles? Why do many parents find they get along well with one child, but have to work harder to relate to the other? Both may be great kids, but you may observe that one child naturally moves, thinks, feels, and sees more in harmony with one parent. Why is that?

I can give you insights and greater understanding to help you take advantage of your natural gifts and to promote harmony in your world.

For when we can feel at home with ourselves then much of life flows naturally.

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