Children’s Space

For many years I have been asked to assist parents in supporting their children’s over all well-being. Many parents recognize that their children need rooms and spaces, in the home where they feel centered, productive and safe. A place where they feel empowered and gain a sense of accomplishment in their life. Those spaces are important for growth and well-being.  This is true especially in this day and age with electronics, and the constant barrage of static and disruptive input.

Color is one of those variable that can have the greatest effect.  Not only color but the the right colors! The proper use of colors is paramount so that you do not have too many colors resulting in a a scattered non-relaxing room.

Children need a space to study, practice an instrument, be productive, or focus and study.  This space should  feel nurturing so  they achieve and  support their growing personality. The goal is to help them feel organized and independent.  They need a sense of control of their environment.  The home should support the areas in your individual child’s life. Every area in the home has the potential to support your children’s goals and well being.

Special Concerns

Some children feel scattered and uneasy.  Many times the home layout has a sense of chaos and can be altered to bring an instant sense of peace. Play areas and media rooms are not always the best place for children and teens to be productive.  But if you are in a small living area, I can help you create the environment that best serves your individual child’s needs. This is especially true if your child has been labeled with an attention disorder, or deficit, nervous, unable to stay focused or you may wish to have a room that perfectly fits all your goals.


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