Sally Fretwell, Paint Color Consultant

Interior Decorator

Sally Fretwell, Interior Designer and Paint Color Consultant in Tampa, Florida

Architectural psychologist, Sally Fretwell, will lead you down the path to make the ordinary extraordinary.  She will encourage you to explore the idea to make your living space your own. She gives you ideas and tools to discover what you are looking for and to know when you find it. Using both personal and professional experience, Sally will give you the benefit of her 38 years of successful design consulting for color, space, and furnishings. Sally can offer simple examples of how to define your home, office, or business with the use of lighting, color and design.  She helps you understand that having the home of your dreams is not about being wealthy, but having a wealth of vision, creativity, and intuition. Sally as an Interior Decorator, can show you how to make your home or business a place that rejuvenates, recharges, and lifts your spirits.

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Sally often formulates special paint colors for clients who have unique color and lighting situations.

  • 38 years Experience in Paint Color and design

  • Over 400 Paint Colors Designed by Sally

  • Paint and Texture Consulting for Commercial and Residential Clients

  • Consultant on Paint Color, Hues, Textures, Titration, Saturation, Bases, Light and Color Profusion

  • Residential and Commercial Interior Decorating

  • Sally Has Taught Many Continuing Education Courses for Interior Designers and Architects on Color

Paint Color Consultant


Color And Decor

  • Interior Paint Colors

  • Exterior Paint Colors

  • Trim Paint Colors

  • Accent Colors

  • Special Tints & Pastels

  • Paint Bases

  • Paint Types

  • 3D and 2D CAD Design

  • Restaurants

  • Hopistals

  • Offices

  • Hotels

  • Condomeniums

  • Law Firms

  • Doctors and Therapists Offices

  • Homes

  • Home Owners Associations

  • Townhouses

  • Assisted Living

  • Dealerships

  • University Dormatories

  • Waiting Rooms

  • Chairs, Sofas, Tables, Desks

  • Cabinets, Flooring, Tile, Countertops

  • Lighting, Lamps, Sconces

  • Upholstery, Out Door Funiture

  • Mirrors, Pictures

Sally’s Important Tips Before You Start to Paint!

We have had so much positive response to this section that we are adding a whole new page of Sally’s Tips Before You PaintTake a look at these  6 tips while we are getting many more tips on the new “Tips Page”.

Before You Hire a Painter

Paint and Painters

98% of painters here in Florida will only use the paint brand they have a discount with…

Why Fan Decks Don't Work

Color Samples Are Ink Not Paint

One of the biggest problems I have with new clients is the paint color they just put up looks nothing like the color chip or fan deck color they ordered.

Digital Color Matchers

Color Mathing Your Paint Sample

You brought a piece or sample of the paint that was on your wall or trim into the paint store so they could match it.  And sure enough they had a perfect match for you and you buy their perfect match except…

Try the New Paint First

Everyone Wants to Get Started

So you immediately have your painter through the paint on the wall and at the end of the day all the walls and ceiling are painted EXCEPT…

Ceilings Are Important

Your Ceiling is Very Important!

Almost no one thinks much about it but your ceiling paint is far more important than you might think.  Everyone always uses the same flat bright white ceiling paint but WAIT JUST A MINUTE…..

Preperation Rollers Brushes

Preperation is Everything

We have all heard it before but Preparation and the right paint tools is where it all begins.  You thought it was tough enough just to arrive at the right colors and the right paint texture.

Sally’s Coastal Colors

Sally has always been inspired by Color in Nature and bringing that color into your living space.  That very problem has prompted her to write 4 professional books on space and color.  Sally has often taken her cameras and special lenses to capture the very pictures you will be viewing in some of her books.  All of the hand drawn illustrations have been by her hand.  Her children’s books on nature, birds, butterflies, and flowers were inspired by her own backyard efforts to provide eco-systems especially for them.  Some of Sally’s  and net sites are also designed with lots of her backyard photos and videos of natural phenomenon.

Some of Sally’s Books

On Amazon’s Best Seller List for 3 years

Sally can help you with any project!